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At House of FAME our top priority is to assure each student is improving and feels a sense of achievement after every lesson.  

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House of FAME Dance Academy is a home for dancers and performers to enhance their strengths, develop new skills and share their love of dance as a harmonious family.


At House of FAME our top priority is to assure each student is improving and feels a sense of achievement after every lesson.  


We offer a safe environment for all students to recognize their full potential while supporting positive self-worth and confidence as they live through their passion and reach for the stars!

We believe every child is unique and should all be offered equal opportunity to grow as an artist. 

At House of FAME you are famous for being you!




At House of FAME family comes 1st! We promote respect, harmony, love and care in everything that we do.


By developing positive and personal relationships with all members, we are able to offer the best dance experience for our flourishing family of stars!




Our team of instructors find it extremely important that students can express themselves creatively, feel safe and secure, build positive self-esteem and learn to dance in a way that best prevents injury.


We use various strategies and techniques to support every students needs.



Our programs are smaller than comparable Dance Studios, which allows for dance instruction at a more personal level.


We provide an individualistic approach in the delivery of our training to ensure each child reaches their full potential!



We have a strict policy on bullying and proper sportsmanship.


All of our teachers use coaching style learning that promotes the journey - not the result - by having a positive and self-building approach to their lessons and relationships with parents and students

Message from the

                                        Welcome HOME Family of Stars!

                                                              House of FAME Dance Academy was designed to give your passion and my purpose a home. We invite                                                                            dancers and performers to share their love of dance with a dedicated and united family at House of                                                                                  FAME. I don’t expect students to waltz in being the best. I understand that it is MY job as THEIR teacher                                                                          to get them to where they need to be! And I promise to do just that.

                                                                Our positive learning process is simple. We: 

                                                                1. Recognize challenges and areas for improvement as a positive thing!; and

                                                                2. Promote intrinsic motivation so students are motivated not by fear and punishment, but instead by                                                                                the respect they have for their dance family and their personal drive to succeed.


                                                                We understand dance goes way beyond the classroom, and at our house, we believe we are creating the   next generation of achievers and luminaries - and not only as dancers! Being able to provide my students with the opportunity to improve, inspire and bring their diverse personalities and talents together is truly a blessing! 

Remember, at House of FAME you are famous for being you!" - Love, Miss Shereeka (Founder/Artistic Director)

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